T-Rex - (TREX001BW)

T-Rex - (TREX001BW)

Photographer: Barrie Wentzell
Location: Boston Glyderdrome, Lincolnshire
Edition: 50
Date: 1972

"The Electric Warrior had left behind the acoustic ‘Tolkien’ image and was now a Glam Rock Teen Idol! I met this girl at the gig who had won a Marc Bolan look-alike contest, strange things happen and as I was leaving the show the real Marc Bolan drove up in his Rolls Royce and asked if I wanted a lift back to London. The ‘lookalike’ girl was stunned at seeing her alter ego face to face. We left her in a trance and headed back to town driven by June Bolan. Marc and I drank a bottle of brandy in the car while he cranked up the volume to his new album. I believe we stopped to ‘relieve’ ourselves by the roadside and fell into a big muddy puddle and June refused to let us back into the car."

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