Ravi Shankar - (RAVS001BW)

Ravi Shankar - (RAVS001BW)

Photographer: Barrie Wentzell
Edition: 50
Location:Hyde Park Hotel Date:1971

"Ravi Shankar at The Hyde Park Hotel playing at his own press reception. When he the Monterey Festival in 1967, he stopped the show, if you look back at the movie you’ll see the looks of wonder and awe on the faces in the crowd. Mama Cass, Mike Bloomfield etc. Ravi introduced the sitar to the west and influenced the whole course of pop music for the ‘Love & Peace’ generation. Soon you’d find a sitar in almost every musicians home and early students like Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones on “Paint It Black’, Traffic with ‘Paper Sun’ and the most devoted George Harrison took the to the east and made it part of the west along with meditation, an appreciation for the cosmos within and without and curry, delicious!"

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Print Quality: Custom Made Silver Gelatin Print.


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