Jazzy Jeff - (JJ001DC)

Jazzy Jeff - (JJ001DC)

Photographer: David Corio
Location: Holiday Inn, United Kingdom
Edition: 50
Date: 1986

"Their first single ‘Girls Ain’t Nothing But Trouble’ had just been released and this was the first time DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince had been to London. Compared to the other hip hop acts I had met these two were so fresh-faced and young, performing light-hearted raps that I didn’t think they would be tough enough to be a success. Fresh Prince, better known these days by his real name Will Smith, had only graduated from school a few weeks earlier. Within a few years their single ‘Parents Just Don’t Understand’ would be the first rap record to receive a Grammy, followed up with a second for ‘Summertime’. After peaking with 5.5 million record sales in the US their careers started to wane."

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