Blondie - (BL001PH)

Blondie - (BL001PH)

Photographer: Patrick Harbron
Location: El Mocambo, Toronto
Edition: Limited
Date: August 3, 1978

Tour supporting ‘Parallel Lines’ album (pre-release) In the last few years of the 70’s many bands had the ‘new wave’ label applied to them. One of the most notable was Blondie. It was an amazing time to see this group but the draw was Deborah Harry. She exuded a hip, effortless beauty that was absent from many of her contemporaries. The El Mocambo or ‘El Mo’ to it’s patrons, was a great place to see local and international bands at early stages in their careers. To rock and roll bands and fans too, playing the El Mo was high on their check list.

Print Quality: Archival Digital Fine-Art print on Hahnemühle paper.


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