Elvis Presley - (EP001KR)

Elvis Presley - (EP001KR)

Photographer: Ken Regan
Location: Fort Dix, New Jersey
Edition: Limited

“Sgt. Elvis Presley, stationed for 2 years in Germany, was flying in to meet with the media at Fort Dix, New Jersey, on the eve of his discharge... Nancy Sinatra was his official greeter! Incredibly, the small room at Dix was nearly empty because a blizzard had wreaked havoc on travel. If not for the snowstorm, that room would have been mobbed, but now I had great access. Looking terrific in his uniform, Elvis fielded questions from reporters. I got off 3 or 4 rolls of shots, capturing that great smile of his. He clearly hadn’t lost his magical allure. He was in his prime; in great spirits; and ready to get out of the army, get back to making a lot of money, and sleep with a lot of babes. America’s most famous and beloved Sergeant was about to resume civilian life as the one and only King of Rock ’n’ Roll.”

Print Quality: Custom Made Silver Gelatin Print.


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