Patrick Harbron

Patrick Harbron started his career in music in the mid 1970's, photographing the greatest names in rock and roll. His photography of Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello, Blondie, The Who, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Police, Queen, The Rolling Stones and hundreds of others has been featured as album and DVD covers, publicity and in tour booklets, books and magazines. He was nominated twice for a JUNO Award for album cover photography. His album cover work is also included in the book "1000 Record covers". Patrick's work grew beyond music to become a unique form of portraiture. His work now appears in magazines, advertising, annual reports, books and television. His clients include Rolling Stone, Time, People, Apple, Pepsico, American Express, Home Box Office, ABC Television, NBC and many more. Patrick has produced three books of photography published internationally by The Bantam Dell Publishing Group. Recognition for his work includes numerous awards from American Photography, Communication Arts, Society of Publication Design, How Design, The Art Director's Club of Canada, PX3, The Lucie Awards, Hasselblad Masters 2008, Print and The International Photography Awards (Official Selection 2009).


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11x14- Elton John
Aerosmith - (AE001PH)
Blondie - (BL001PH)
Blondie - (BL002PH)
Blondie - (BL003PH)
Blondie - (BL004PH)
Bob Marley - (BM001PH)
Bruce Springsteen - (BN001PH)
Bruce Springsteen - (BN002PH)
Bruce Springsteen - (BN003PH)
David Bowie - (DB001PH)
Eddie Van Halen - (VH001PH)
Elvis Costello - (EL001PH)
Eric Clapton - (EC001PH)
Eric Clapton - (EC002PH)
Everly Brothers - (EVB001PH)
Fat Boys - (FB001PH)
Grandmaster Flash - (GMF001PH)
Grandmaster Flash - (GMF002PH)
Grateful Dead - (GD001PH)
Grateful Dead - (GD002PH)
Madonna - (MN001PH)
Madonna - (MN002PH)
Michael Jackson - (MJACK001PH)
Michael Jackson - (MJACK002PH)
Michael Jackson - (MJACK003PH)
Miles Davis - (MD01PH)
Neil Young - (NY001PH)
Neil Young - (NY002PH)
Neil Young - (NY003PH)
Peter Gabriel - (PG001PH)
Ray Charles - (RAYC001PH)
Roxy Music
Roxy Music
Stevie Ray Vaughan - (SV001PH)
Stevie Wonder - (STW001PH)
The Police (PO001PH)
The Pretenders - (PR001PH)
The Who (WH001PH)
The Who - (WH002PH)
The Who - (WH003PH)
The Who - (WH004PH)
The Who - (WH005PH)
Tina Turner - (TINA001PH)
Tina Turner - (TINA002PH)
Tina Turner - (TINA003PH)