Janette Beckman

Born in London, Janette grew up listening to Tamla Motown and the Rolling Stones. After studying at LCP she taught photography part time at a college in Clerkenwell mostly to local punks, squatters and art students. She then started to show her art portfolio to record companies - A&M used one of her night shots of a Los Angeles motel for a Squeeze single. Commissioned to shoot the very first Police album sleeve she bought a Hasselblad camera which she still uses today. In 1976 she began shooting for Melody Maker on a regular basis, 3 or 4 bands a week, everyone from Johnny Rotten to the Jam and going on tour with bands like the Undertones, the Clash and Earth Wind & Fire. Documenting youth culture and music her photographs were featured in the first issues of the Face magazine. In 1982 Janette moved to New York. She became the chief chronicler of New York’s growing rap movement and in 1990 she published the book “Rap: Portraits & Lyrics of a Generation of Black Rockers” (with writer Bill Adler) Janette has photographed luminaries from the world of literature, music, fashion, politics, sports and the media. Her work has been published across the board from Rolling Stone to Newsweek. Currently she shoots for advertising, editorial and music clients and is working on a book of street portraits.

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