Myriam Santos

Photographer and director Myriam Santos has been behind some of the most striking depictions of popular artists in the past two decades. From the latest chart-toppers to legends like David Bowie, Willie Nelson, Ozzy Osbourne, Jared Leto, Gary Clark Jr., George Clooney, and Tommy Lee, Myriam’s art offers an intimate look at the entertainment industry’s most influential figures. Her career has spanned across every major record label, countless publications, and numerous ad campaigns. As detailed in her book David Bowie Live in New York, Myriam was the first artist to photograph the rock icon backstage in two decades. Her work is on permanent exhibit at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, and featured at Minotti in Beverly Hills. Myriam is now based out of Los Angeles as the Creative Director for Black Box.
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3AM - (3AM001MS)
Andra Day - (AD001MS)
Andra Day - (AD002MS)
Ben Harper - (BH001MS)
Billy Bob Thornton - (BBT001MS)
Billy Bob Thornton - (BTT002MS)
Brody Dalle - (BD001MS)
Bunny - (BUN001MS)
Dave Navarro - (DN001MS)
David Bowie - (DB001MS)
David Bowie - (DB002MS)
David Bowie - (DB003MS)
Diva Zappa - (DZ001MS)
Diva Zappa - (DZ002MS)
Elijah Wood - (EW001MS)
Elliphant - (ELLI001MS)
Flags - (FLAG001MS)
Gary Clark Jr. - (GC001MS)
Gary Clark Jr. - (GC002MS)
George Clooney - (GCL001MS)
Jenny Owen Youngs - (JOY001MS)
Levon Helm - (LH001MS)
Marilyn Manson
Merle Haggard - (MH001MS)
Merle Haggard - (MH002MS)
Ozzy Osbourne - (OO001MS)
Perry Farrell - (PF001MS)
Pete Wentz - (PW001MS)
Porter Wagon - (PWA001MS)
Robert Smith - (RS001MS)
Tommy Lee - (TM001MS)
Tommy Lee - (TM002MS)
Trent Reznor - (TR001MS)
Trent Reznor - (TR002MS)
Tricky - (TRI001MS)
Untitled (Smoking) - (SMOKE001MS)
Wille Nelson - (WN002MS)
Willie Nelson - (WN001MS)
ZZ Top - (ZZT001MS)