Analogue Gallery's Top Five Parties of 2014!

At Analogue Gallery, we've been known to throw a party or two.

If you're familar with our Instagram or Facebook feeds, you'll see we appreciate a great photograph just as much as we love an awesome get-together.


"Our most recent party for Nuit Blanche was a blast. People followed the music into the gallery, danced with their friends to tunes created by the people in the photographs on our walls. It was a surreal experience. Some I could tell hadn't been in the gallery before and left dancing and laughing back into the street."

- Celia, Assistant Manager

Photo: Andrew WIlliamson


"Sound Image was not only the biggest turnout we've ever had, (the lineup was around the block!) the judges were amazing, (Brendan Canning, Steve Jordan, Taylor Kirk of Timber Timbre) and the work that the contestants submitted was the best yet."

- Courtney, Gallery Manager 


The Lynn Goldsmith Rock and Roll Stories book signging was my first event working for the gallery and I cannot imagine listening to a more entertaining guest than Lynn.  My favourite part of the night had to be when she whipped out her mini monopod to take a group selfie with our Q & A audience, because according to Lynn "You can't prove you were anywhere these days without a selfie, right?"

- Mallory, Gallery Intern


"Fuck Work Play Hooky, the 2014 NXNE Party, was an unbelievable day that showcased not only the amazing musical talent Toronto has to offer (The Capitol Beat - pictured - Hands & Teeth, Suxess, Bond Girls), but its passionate and hungry music fans as well! What a party!"

- Brett, Events Manager

OUR FIFTH BIRTHDAY SOIREE (This coming November 7th!)

"This coming Nov 7th from 6-10PM, it's our 5th birthday party and it will be one of the best. Sparkling, live jazz, delicious food and great people. RSVP by clicking here."

- Lucia, Owner & Creative Director

Added 21/10/2014/ Author: Analogue Gallery